Choose the right wine when you dine

Pick the perfect wine to complement your Angus Farms beef with our wine pairings. It's like having your own private sommelier. So raise your glass and drink a toast to Angus Farms beef.

Merlot and tenderloin

An Angus Farms beef tenderloin is delicately powerful with rich, yet soft flavors. A wine that is low in acidity and tannins lets the meat shine through in a meal. Merlot is the perfect choice, with its round curves and subtle flavor personality of plums, raspberry and chocolate.

Malbec and rib eye

The rib eye is renowned for its marbling, which creates the cut's delicious, rich flavor. Wines with high acidity and fruit personalities, such as the Malbec of Argentina, naturally pair with an Angus Farms beef rib eye.

Cabernet sauvignon and K.C. strip

A big steak deserves a big wine. Made from a robust grape, the dark cherry, blackberry and cassis flavors of the cabernet sauvignon work well with the meaty, hearty Angus Farms beef K.C. strip.