Delicious easy-to-make dinners

A roast is the easy and delicious way to make the most out of dinner with very little effort. Try one of these new Angus Farms beef roast recipes – they add a shot of flavor to the Sunday roast Grandma used to make. And many of these recipes feature lean cuts to cut down on fat. So step up to the meat case with confidence, and take it easy tonight with a juicy and flavorful Angus Farms beef roast.

The tenderloin or filet of beef

It can be as tender as butter and holds up well to more flavorful recipes. It's the perfect balance between robust flavor and Angus tenderness.

The beef round

The beef round includes the eye round, bottom round, bottom round rump roast, tip sirloin roast, tip roast, cap off and top round roast. You will find these are flavorful and lean.

Pot roasts

This is probably the roast you remember being a family classic at the dinnertable. These aren't actually roasted, but braised, and involve less-tender cuts such as chuck shoulder roasts and top blade roasts.